Stop Living In That Lack Mindset – Alan Fuller

Stop Living In That Lack Mindset

Normally, I stay away from these sorts of topics. Controversy is sometimes a little too taxing on my bandwidth. But this is one I just couldn't stay away from.


I try to stay out of comment sections these days, but I just couldn't resist when this little gem caught my eye:

"It's okay to charge $15 for an herbalism course, but when you’re making thousands per person it makes me question your motives."

What that says to me is: you don't deserve to make an honest living by doing your creative passion as a business.

And my goodness did I have a crap-ton to say about that! Feel free to dive into the video below, but be forewarned: there is lots of cussing, and if you think money and spirituality shouldn't mix, this might trigger you.

Let me know what you think about selling spiritual products and services. If they're high-ticket items, do you want to deal with the cheapskate, low production value, and cheesy stuff you can find everone on the internet? Or do you want the stuff that gets real results for you, and helps you to embody the Sacred Self, living the ideal life you truly deserve?

Please don't leave negative comments. I have no issue censoring them cause this is my house. But if you're civil, we can have a healthy conversation.

Peace, blessed be, and namaste!

February 4, 2019