Dealing With Negative Nelly – Alan Fuller

Dealing With Negative Nelly

We've all experienced it. No matter what job you have or industry you're in, or even if it's just at home, we all have some negative stuff that pops up for us.

Whether it's someone's negative comments on a YouTube video or a blog post, or it's someone who just complains about work for a half hour while you're waiting for them to leave so you can start your shift ... it's a thing we all face.

It gets especially difficult to deal with when you're all amped up, juiced, and ready to rock the day's socks off.


I'm not saying that "positive thinking" fixes everything.

It doesn't.

There are nuances and contexts where I think positive thinking falls short. Even the Law Of Attraction can be toxic in certain situations. And that's why we need to maintain balance.

So, in the video below, I talk a lot about how I feel about these things. And I've included my top 3 ways that I tend to deal with negative comments, coworkers who just have to vent, and the little negative thoughts that pop up and say, "You're not enough."

Hint: you ARE enough, and maybe some of the tips in this video will help you embrace that, and help you work through the negative junk that we all get caught up in over time.

Do you have specific ways you deal with people who are consistently negative? Or the negative thoughts that pop into your head? Let me know! The best, most educational conversations are conversations that share stuff other folks can use, too!

Peace, blessed be, and namaste!

February 11, 2019