Meet Alan - Alan Fuller

Meet Alan

Alan was born in Kentucky, and raised in a traditionally religious household. His heritage is an interesting mix of Baptist and Pentecostal beliefs and practices. His great grandmother had a secret practice, as well, a tiny part of which is revealed in Alan's first book, The Spell In My Pocket, published in 2016.

Alan has been practicing nature-based spirituality since his early teens. For almost 30 years, he has explored the paths of Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, and Contemporary Shamanism.

Currently, his personal spiritual practice consists of Shamanic Journeying, Kundalini Meditation, chanting mantra, and performing Ceremony that connects him to what he refers to interchangeably as Source, Spirit, Universe, and Mother Before Creation.

Alan's flagship online course Otherworld Journeys empowers people to discover their Spirit Guides in the forms of Power Animals and Spirit Teachers through Shamanic Journeying so that they can awaken to their own Wisest Self, and step into a life of power, passion, and purpose.

He says his own purpose is, " ... to be a hollow bone through which Spirit flows, and to live a life of passion in pursuit of helping others do the same."

Alan currently lives in Kentucky, with his Life Partner, and their cat, Gerty.