How To Prevent Killer Robot Dogs – Alan Fuller

How To Prevent Killer Robot Dogs

Hey y'all!

This week on my YouTube channel, I'm talking about self-care. We all know that self-care is important, but we like to pretend we do it more than we ACTUALLY do it.

Stepping away from social media, taking time to be with ourselves, and working through some of our Shadow Self gobbledygook is necessary to our personal and spiritual growth. 

But what happens if we don't do any self-care?


For one thing: the 2016 election!

Seriously, though - over history, one thing has led to another and we've become so disconnected from ourselves, from nature, and from Spirit/Universe, that we've allowed some catastrophic stuff to develop.

I'm all for Internet, technology, and the wonderful level of productivity that it can bring to our daily lives. I'm a productivity-nerd after all. But let's be real: the less time we take to be with ourselves, to reconnect with nature and with Spirit, the more likely we are to make killer robot dogs a reality.

I really don't want killer robot dogs. So please engage in positive self-care. And don't forget to watch the video. And subscribe to my list so I can give you even more this year!

Peace, blessed be, and namaste!

January 29, 2019