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How To Be Certain You’ve Been Called To Be A Shaman

First of all: no, they don't make Shamans like they used to.

And even though I'm being a little facetious, it's really the truth. At least in the western world.

We're growing in number, no doubt about it. People are waking up to who they are again, and remembering that they aren't meant to be a useless bag of flesh propped up by a frame of bones.

People are meant for more. A lot more. And we're starting to embrace that again.

Which means that we need to explore the ways we can figure out if we're really awakening to the Spirit World.

March 18, 2019

Why Visualization Is The Least Important Skill To Master

In the world of spirituality and the occult over the years, we've made a very big fuss over the skill of visualization.

So much importance has been placed on it that people actually experience comparison guilt over not being able to do it. They'll compare their abilities to others, and when their mind's eye presents them with fuzzy images, they degrade themselves.

But none of that is necessary.

March 4, 2019

3 Simple, Beautiful Ways To Honor Bodies Of Water

When I was 9 or 10, I had a bike accident - I was hit by a car at high speed while I was riding my ten-speed bicycle. I was pronounced dead for about 2 seconds.

During that 2 seconds, I underwent what I believe is a Shamanic Initiation.

Some time later, I visited the beings I met in that Shamanic Initiation. I have since come to call them "The 3 Grandmothers."

February 18, 2019

Dealing With Negative Nelly

We've all experienced it. No matter what job you have or industry you're in, or even if it's just at home, we all have some negative stuff that pops up for us.

Whether it's someone's negative comments on a YouTube video or a blog post, or it's someone who just complains about work for a half hour while you're waiting for them to leave so you can start your shift ... it's a thing we all face.

It gets especially difficult to deal with when you're all amped up, juiced, and ready to rock the day's socks off.

February 11, 2019

Stop Living In That Lack Mindset

Normally, I stay away from these sorts of topics. Controversy is sometimes a little too taxing on my bandwidth. But this is one I just couldn't stay away from.

February 4, 2019

How To Prevent Killer Robot Dogs

Hey y'all!

This week on my YouTube channel, I'm talking about self-care. We all know that self-care is important, but we like to pretend we do it more than we ACTUALLY do it.

Stepping away from social media, taking time to be with ourselves, and working through some of our Shadow Self gobbledygook is necessary to our personal and spiritual growth. 

But what happens if we don't do any self-care?

January 29, 2019

5 Essential Books I’d Want In a Post-Apocalyptic World

In my generation especially a lot of people in the US have been raised with a very Christian background. Some people were super strictly religious. Some families were not quite so religious - sort of non-practicing but claimed the background anyhow. That' a lot more common among Protestant folks in this area.

Most people that I work with or people that I've spoken with in the past have heard the term Wicca. It’s like anyone who has ever explored “alternative” forms of spirituality have come across Wicca.

January 21, 2019

Beginning Again

It's a whole new year, and I've made some big decisions!

My primary decision: I'm doing a lot more on YouTube this year.

I started way back when YouTube was a wee lil baby boo in 2005. I had a fantastic group of peeps following me who were all about nature-based spirituality, just like I was.

I know YT has changed over the years, and I’ve announced that “I’m back” before, but this time is a lot different. And here’s why …

January 14, 2019

Time For Anti-Resolutions!

Did you have a shit year? Cause I think a lot of us have had a shit year. And it is THAT time of year now - the time for revisiting, relinquishing the truth to ourselves, and deciding to step forward into something greater. (My Gods, this year has flown by!)

Every year when it gets to be the last few weeks of December, I start to think about New Year’s Resolutions. But the fact is, I never set them. And I don’t set them because, inevitably, I will fall flat on my face trying to keep up with them.

Instead, I have to clear my emotional junk from the year before. Because if you can do that, then you can step forward into the year ahead with a clean slate to win it. You can be ready to step out into even more greatness than you had last year.

Want to know how I do it?

December 21, 2018