Beginning Again – Alan Fuller

Beginning Again

It's a whole new year, and I've made some big decisions!

My primary decision: I'm doing a lot more on YouTube this year.

I started way back when YouTube was a wee lil baby boo in 2005. I had a fantastic group of peeps following me who were all about nature-based spirituality, just like I was.

I know YT has changed over the years, and I’ve announced that “I’m back” before, but this time is a lot different. And here’s why …


I’m super nerdy when it comes to goal planning.

I’ve tried just about every process or system you can think of. I used to go all in for this shish.

I mean: I would completely go bonkers for every new goal-planning system I encountered.

Here’s the gist of how I do it.

The Feystar is a seven-pointed star. So every point around the Feystar is labeled as an area of your life. These are the main areas as I break them down:

  • Environment/Home
  • Finances/Career
  • Emotional well-being
  • Phys. health
  • Relationships
  • Fun & Adventure
  • Contributions to Others

At the center of it all is the one big hub in the middle, of course - the "septagon(?)."

And that center is - of course - nature-based spirituality.

The whole reason I put spirituality at the center of it all is because I want my spirituality to bleed into my everyday life. I don’t necessarily need for everyone to know about the fact that I follow a nature-based spirituality path, but I do like it when mundane tasks hold an emotional and spiritual charge for me. It motivates me to focus more and complete the task at hand, which, of course, leads to goal achievement.

But I don’t just work on one area for an entire year, obvi.

There can be A LOT of overlap in some of these areas, but that’s the nature of the beast, I suppose.

For this year, I’ve chosen to focus on 3 main areas that I’ve only cursorily focused on in my past.

I ... like it when mundane tasks hold an emotional and spiritual charge for me. It motivates me to focus more and complete the task at hand ...

Relationships - specifically, the hubs and I, and spending more of our time together doing something fun, rather than just vegging out in front of the t.v. - I’d like for us to go back to some of the amusement parks we’ve been to, or to visit other cities in the U.S. and hit some cool museums, or something of that nature. There’s overlap here between relationships, fun and adventure, and emotional well-being.

Finances/Career - specifically, I’m rebranding my side-gig one last time because I’ve found where I’m super strong in helping others. I’m geared up to make 2019 my most epic business year yet. As for finances, I’m already paying down debt without adding to it, and we’re only a few days into 2019. The way I’ve expanded that debt-paydown process is by using YNAB. Seriously - I’ve saved more in the past month than I ever thought possible, and still managed to pay down credit card debt using this software. Cannot recommend it enough.

Nature-based Spirituality - specifically, because it’s central to everything for me, and I want to bleed over into everything else more this year than ever before. Also: I can tell that I’ve let up on a few things in the past 1.5 years because I’ve been so cynical for a while. And that’s just not who I am, so I’m moving back into my basic nature-based spiritual practices, and focusing on putting my daily practice back in order.

Stay with me for the rest of the year, because I’ve got some super stuff coming up.

I won’t just be talking about goals all year long. I also plan to share tips, tricks, methods, how-to’s and some just-for-fun vloggy stuff like I used to do (especially now that I’ve got a super cool phone to use for vlogging).

Till next time!

(By the way: there's a little more about this in the video below.)

Peace, blessed be, and namaste!

January 14, 2019