About Alan

IMG_20160204_042358All through school, I tried to hide my writing from the people who told me I had to, “study hard, work hard and get a regular job when you grow up.” In the end, hiding my creative pursuits didn’t work very well. Frankly, life makes you grow tired of just hanging out with a glass of Bourbon and a cat who wants to rip your flesh from your bones (I love her anyhow). Now that I’m older, with a little more experience under my belt, my bucket list has grown. And writing commercial fiction and being published is just one of those items on my bucket list. So my story is far from over. 

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Flash Fiction for my Birthday!

To celebrate the beginning of the final year of my 30's decade, I'm releasing 5 flash fiction pieces starting on my birthday!

That happens beginning February 26, 2016! You'll find amongst them some thriller, some horror, some creepy erotic stuff.

Just you wait and see!